Green everywhere, except outside, which is another story... but we will talk about inside!  I have found so much joy going to green houses, looking to build a green house and bringing everything home from green houses!  Jeff is totally on board, so I don't even need to hide price tags!  Maybe on the pots... but that is not my fault!  I love watering and taking care of these beauties, the kids love them, target makes super cute watering cans and gloves, ( that helps).  My grandma and mom are in love with plants and always have been, so I know it's not a phase, my sister jokes that I may want to slow down and wait to see if I have a green thumb, well I am making it green!  Seeing them brightens up each day!  Do you need some sunshine?  If there is someone out there that does, let me know, I will send them a plant!